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Quality Design when Quality Matters, "That is a Wicked Course!"

This session will be presenting a community college's coordinated effort to apply effective solutions to course content and content delivery challenges through Design Thinking practices using Quality Matters Standards for continuous course improvement.

Technology - Innovation through Commercialization

This session will discuss the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab work to help innovators find the resources necessary to move towards commercialization. We hold trainings, pitch competitions, networking events, and other types of trainings in order to start businesses, license technology, & create jobs.

Let me see everyone's plate!: Keeping Youth Engaged Through Virtual Cooking

This program will demonstrate the physical tools and virtual skills needed to successfully teach a statewide youth cooking class including ways including global education in addition to cooking/baking skills. I will give a mini-lesson to show the tools such as light rings, phone tripods, and more.

Maximizing Student Engagement in Online Learning

Learner engagement doesn't naturally happen in online courses. You must plan for it in your course design. This session presents current theory and trends related to learner engagement as well as strategies for improving learner engagement no matter the audience.

Country Roads Coaches

Whether it's in the classroom or board room, our goal is to bring together like-minded professionals in WV who are using Apple products to crowd source best practices and solve problems.

Inbox Zero

Unruly email inboxes can be a black hole for important messages. Take on the daunting task of managing your email with some hands-on approaches using filters, rules, and other simple controls.

Banner Birds of a Feather

Come together and share experiences with other Banner users and technical support staff from around the state! Led by a core of WVNET's Banner support staff, both functional and technical, this panel discussion gives attendees a chance to ask burning questions, share ideas, and chat!

Mountaineer Farm Talk: An Innovation in Research-Based Agriculture Information Delivery

MFT -a weekly live broadcast featuring interviews with ag and natural resources experts about timely topics to rural West Virginia. Using the ZOOM platform and creating a social media profile linked to the weekly broadcasts. https://www.facebook.com/MountaineerFarmTalk

Taming the Great and Powerful OZ

WVNET's OZ problem tracking system has been in production since 2003. Unfortunately, 20 years of in-house development has created long-term support challenges and technical debt. The WVNET Development Team will present lessons learned in making unmanageable code manageable again.

Using and Abusing ChatGPT in the Classroom

This presentation will examine the use and abuse of the ChatGPT language model in university classes.

Teaching Database Skills using Google Cloud Services

This presentation involves demonstrating in detail how to set up and use Google Cloud Services to provide students with their own database environments to demonstrate database skills. The process for applying for grants as well as setting up the database environment will be demonstrated.

Building CS Foundations with LEGO Education

Join us for this fun, hands-on learning experience with LEGO Education to explore how you can easily incorporate creativity, inquiry and collaboration across the curriculum to build important foundations for student learning in computer science.

ChatGPT and AI

This is a placeholder for a panel discussion on ChatGPT and AI

The Future of Technology in Higher Education

A panel discussion on the the future of technology in higher education.

Working From Home While Having a Personal Life - Is It Possible?

Working from home requires many forms of technology, as do our personal lives, so how do we maintain a balance between the two? This question and more will be discussed in this session. Also, tools and tips for having a healthy remote work-life balance will be presented.

Using Hiration and Handshake into Students Pathways!

Will submit in PowerPoint slides. (Talked to Barb)

Generational Challenges and Opportunities: It’s not only Gen Z

Considerations for teaching and learning approaches across generations.

It’s the Little Things: Practices that make your text-based materials more accessible

Easy accessibility actions for text-based class materials that anyone can do.

4 Reasons to Integrate your Asset Management and Help Desk Software

Managing your school district’s technology needs can get overwhelming fast. You’re juggling devices for students, staff, and even individual locations. Help
requests come in daily because, let’s face it, kids drop things. The secret is in the integration.

Why WordPress?

An overview and Q&A about WordPress.

Wireless Deployment for Apple Devices

In this session we will discuss proper Wi-Fi design and the tenets of the Wireless LAN Lifecycle. Broken into four components, the Wireless LAN Lifecycle includes defining the purpose of the network, designing the network to meet the definition, and deploying the network.

Teaching Technology to Littles: What are You Doing?

A discussion of how and what schools/teachers are doing to teach technology and computer skills at the elementary school level. What resources are being used? What devices are being utilized? Does your school have actual technology classes or is technology simply integrated into regular classrooms?

Going Paperless with PowerAutomate

Reduce the amount of paperwork in your county and school office. Everything from approvals to time sheets to travel requests.

What's the deal with Minecraft?

Hear why Mark Moore thinks that Minecraft is a phenomenon that cannot be classified in any other category. Minecraft Education Edition has tools fantastic tools to teach chemistry including the ability to create any element on the periodic table. It can be used to teach simple and complex math.

What's new in Office 365

New features, new meeting tools, new productivity tools.

WV HS eSports League

Growing eSports in WV

Reimagining your required reading: How digital makes a difference

Discover how ebooks and audiobooks can help support your school’s unique curriculum needs. From ELA favorites to digital class sets and more, let OverDrive Account Executive Christa Taylor fill you in on how the Sora reading app can help set your students up for required reading success.

Growing eSports in WV (on a budget)

How to network and build a West Virginia High School League

Graspable Math

Graspable Math allows students to experiment with tangible equations, engage in playful math thinking, and practice and explore safely. Algebra can come to life with Graspable Math.

PolyPad - The Ultimate Math Playground

This presentation will explore the rich and FREE world of Polypad. Teachers will learn how to support their math learners with the world's best digital manipulatives. We'll use Polypad's canvas to complete activities, talk about instructional moves, and share how your learners can use Polypad.

Canva - A Creative Project for All Grade Levels & Content Areas

We believe technology can amplify learning in ways that lead to long term retention. We also believe technology can transform learning in ways that were previously not possible. This presentation will cover a variety of creative activities students can complete inside Canva.

Magic Reveal with iPad, Keynote, and iMovie

Participants will learn how to create a magic reveal effect on an iPad using Keynote and iMovie. The session will be a demonstration with participants working in teams to edit and record their own magic reveal effect from a selection of choices. Bring an iPad to participate.

8 Tips for Protecting Student & District Data in Education Technology

After attending this session, participants will understand why they need visibility into the edtech apps connected to their domain. You will leave with actionable steps you can take to manage and control these apps through positive collaboration and transparency with your stakeholders.