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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

A Modern Day Approach to Coding Education with Project-Based Learning

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Regular Session

Julie Crawford, Amanda Windsor

“Project-Based Learning” (PBL) is something educators throw around frequently, yet few truly understand what it is, what the benefits to adoption/use are and most importantly how to use in their schools and classrooms effectively. This is true cross-curricularly but is even more apparent when it comes to computer science and coding education curricula. This is unfortunate as coding education thrives with a project-based learning approach delivering meaningful outcomes for students and teachers alike. To truly level-up and modernize computer science and coding education programs for K12 a project-based learning approach must be utilized, We’ll show you why and how it should be done.

This presentation will cover:

– What Project Based Learning is (and is not)
– 8 Essential Elements of Project-Based Learning
– The Traditional Approach to Teaching (direct instruction vs project-based)
– Real World Examples of Project Based Learning
– The Case for Project-Based Learning (research, data and statistics to support)
– 8 Key Benefits of PBL in a Coding Curriculum
– Pitfalls of a Coding Curriculum Without PBL
– Coding Education Program Examples and Ideas with PBL
– How to Bring Project-Based Learning to the Classroom

Audience: K-12

Topic Area(s):Apps and Coding

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