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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Engaging Students with Video Projects

9:00 am - 9:50 am

Regular Session

Nellie Cottle

Students love to create videos! Engage students, integrate technology, and teach writing, and oral presentation skills in any subject, topic, or project. It is easy and fun for students to use green screens and video editing apps. Students can use videos to show what they are learning, and share information with other students, teachers, and community members. I have worked with third and fourth graders on weekly school news videos, “Reading Rainbow” style book review videos, PSAs, and commercials for various topics. These video projects aren’t fancy or complicated, but they can look “professional” with some easy tricks that even elementary students can learn. They give students the opportunity to shine and teach valuable skills for future careers.  Apps like DoInk, iMovie, and Chatterpix, can make learning fun and engage students of all ages!

Audience: K-12

Topic Area(s):Apps, Project Based Learning, Student Engagement, Technology Integration, and Video Projects

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