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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

The Continued Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching: A Comparison of How Online Teaching Strategies Have Evolved Since Spring 2020

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Regular Session

Laurie McCormick

The global pandemic brought many, rapid changes. School districts and higher education institutions scrambled to put their classes online spring of 2020. Originally they thought this would be for a brief period; however, COVID-19 changed the way education was, and is still be delivered. This roundtable discussion addresses the reactions of, and ongoing impact on COVID-19 on teachers when and since all classes went online March 30, 2020. Teachers’ online teaching strategies will be discussed. There have been studies about the impact of COVID-19 on teachers, but not a comparison on how their online teaching strategies have evolved since COVID-19 related school closures. It is the hope of this investigator that hearing their stories will aid administrators and educators in assisting distance education students, inform online pedagogy, and further the body of knowledge in this field.
Key Words: COVID-19, education, online teaching, teachers, and teaching strategies

Audience: Higher Education and K-12

Topic Area(s):COVID-19, Digital Learning, Distance Learning, and Pedagogy

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