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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

When 1 + 1 =3: West Virginia’s Learning Goals Aligned with Powerful Technology

8:00 am - 8:50 am

Regular Session

Annie Schuerman

Using West Virginia Department of Education’s 2021 Strategic Plan as a framework, this presentation will address how technology, specifically Brightspace by D2L, can foster a positive and equitable learning environment at scale. Even before the pandemic, education has been in state of near constant transition. In today’s post-pandemic world, uncertainties in the academic landscape make it even more crucial to utilize technology to bridge gaps in access, means, ability, and proximity to ensure every student achieves at his or her full potential.

Join us as we walk through a selection of the 7 Core Beliefs that make up the shared goals we have as West Virginia schools with specific examples of how tools like Brightspace can support student achievement, ensure equity, and improve collaboration to serve the students and families in West Virginia.

Audience: K-12

Topic Area(s):Pedagogy

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