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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Wi-Fi Design for Apple Products

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Regular Session

Apple Presenter

Please join us for a focused discussion on WiFi design for Apple Products. Proper Wi-Fi network design is based on the tenets of the Wireless LAN Lifecycle. Broken into four components, the Wireless LAN Lifecycle includes defining the purpose of the network, designing the network to meet the definition, deploying the hardware and software required to operate the network, and validating that the network performance has met the design objectives. A good design must take the least capable yet most important (LCMI) device into consideration. This presentation provides an overview of the Wireless LAN Lifecycle and the Apple device behaviors that all designers should understand. We will discuss Private Wi-Fi Address, roaming characteristics, and other supported 802.11 amendments.

Audience: Government, Higher Education, K-12, and Non-Profit

Topic Area(s):Wi-Fi design, Wi-Fi setup, and wireless setup

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