Designing a Story Based Virtual Math Night

This presentation will explore my process of designing and creating a virtual math night for K-2 that was based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book, Jumanji. We will discuss my design process and how I created it using Bitmoji, Garage Band, Google Forms, Google Sites, iMovie, and Keynote.

Writing across the Curriculum: An Innovative Approach

Students must be able to communicate clearly at all levels of education. Both written and oral communication are critical to student success in the classroom. These skills are necessary for college and career readiness. In this session, we will follow the Apple Innovation in Schools model to increase engagement and personalize the writing process across…

ACCESS UNLOCKED TO THE VIDEO GAME OF SCIENCE: Increase engagement, save teachers’ time, and improve STEM.

Bring your laptop and Join us for a hands-on epic adventure with Plasma Games. In this session we will provide you access to our platform which includes a one-of-a-kind video game, STEM career spotlights, a teacher portal full of curriculum resources, and free professional development.