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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Supporting Digital Equity with Digital Literacy & Coding

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Regular Session

Nicasia Caires, Kevin Combs

West Virginia has elevated the primacy of digital literacy for students of all ages and all backgrounds. Join to discuss the “must-have” critical skills that prepare students for a digital world, to succeed in school and the workplace. We’ll discuss what these fundamental skills are – information literacy, keyboarding, computational thinking, coding and more – and how we can keep it a focus, even during today’s challenging educational landscape. will share how our EasyTech and EasyCode solutions can support educators in building ALL students’ future-ready digital skills, as well as key, actionable steps for developing a successful technology-prepared student body. We will showcase the EasyTech curriculum library and provide a hands-on experience of how lessons align with ISTE and West Virginia Career and College Readiness Standards. BYOD strongly encouraged.

Audience: K-12

Topic Area(s):Coding and Digital Literacy

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