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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Authentic Communication Development for Leaders

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Regular Session

Shaan Rais

During the first 15 minutes Shaan Rais will engage the crowd colorfully in vivid descriptions of what true authenticity is and how it translates to effective communication in the workspace. Humorously detailing examples of success and failure through storytelling. The audience will laugh, relate, and let their guard down to learning as rapport is established. _x000D_
During the second segment of the keynote, 15 minutes will be strategically utilized to personalize authenticity to each leaders’ personal brand. Many people are under the assumption that true authenticity exists separate and apart from their true identity and story. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more of ourselves that we bring into the workspace, the more authentically we communicate. When our direct reports search for inconsistencies there are none to be found. This also offsets any feelings of inauthenticity, undue stress, and cognitive dissonance that occurs from having to leave our proverbial authentic self at the door of the establishment. When people are able to be genuine, honest, and comfortable in their skin in any organization, sentiments of organizational citizenship and loyalty are established. Thus, lowering attrition, heightening retention, and strengthening organizational culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all levels of the organization._x000D_
In the last 15 minute segment of the keynote, Shaan will deliver an authenticity accountability call to action within an Authenticity Development Strategic Action Plan. This ADSAP will come with identifiable challenges, goals/objectives, and desired dates of completion. For the purpose of identifying and rectifying three areas of opportunity to strengthen effective authentic communication. Replete with follow up and coaching opportunities.

Audience: Government, Higher Education, and Non-Profit

Topic Area(s):Communication, Leadership, and Management and Leadership

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