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Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Using Registration Self Service Plan Ahead with Degree Works Plans

10:00 am - 10:50 am

Regular Session

Senta Chmiel

Special thanks to Stephanie Gabor and Emma Coa-Mulzet for helping to put together the presentation.

Utilizing Degree Works plans for registration can enable students to be successful in their college journey. This presentation will review how to build templates in Degree Works for advisors to create academic plans from that contain the requirements the student needs to graduate from their respective programs. Students/Advisors can pull these degree works academic plans into the “class schedule” plans they build in Plan Ahead in Self Service Registration and select the courses (and/or sections) they plan to register for. From these plans students can register for one or all classes during their respective registration period instead of searching and registering for each individual class their advisors approve.

Audience: Higher Education

Topic Area(s):Apps

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